The overhaul mod for the PC version of Birth by Sleep named Birth by Sleep Ultimate Mix is finally released to the public.

Check the official page in this website about the mod for more information and the download link.


Birth by Sleep Ultimate Mix

Birth by Sleep -Ultimate Mix- is an overhaul mod for the PC version of Birth by Sleep Final Mix.
The mods contains a lot of changes, but here’s a summary:

  • Fully rebalanced bosses and enemies for Critical Mode*.
  • Over 30+ musical tracks orchestrated or improved from original concerts or games.**
  • Rebalanced game progression to make better use of previously optional elements.
  • Tweaked game’s physics to feel more weighty and responsive.
  • General improvements and nerfs to several commands and command styles.
  • New bosses added for post-game enjoyment.

* Not rebalanced for LV1 but should work decently.

** Music mod offered separately. Link below and inside the BBSUM zip.


  • The “Continue” feature won’t work on new boss battles. Use the “Load Game” option to load back to your previous save point.
  • Recolored Unversed won’t drop synthesis items. (Use NormalUnversed mod that comes with the package to revert)
  • The status ailment ‘Exhaustion’ (used in some superbosses) can cause a softlock while using a D-Link.


The mod can be obtained through the following link:


Remastered Music

Usage instructions are available within the download link.

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