Remorse: The List

Remorse: The List is a  first person action horror game developed by Team Deppresick, which I form part of.

The game was released April 22nd of 2022 on Steam. You can get it from the link below.


I was in charge of all the programming of the game. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most vital things I worked on:

  • Handling and structurization of all of the C++ code.
  • Handling all games mechanics in blueprints.
  • Performance profiling and optimization for several computer setups to handle.
  • Artificial Intelligence for enemies.
  • Save data and serialization.
  • Gameplay workflow.
  • Game entity workflow.
  • Editor utilities.

Other tasks I had:

  • Some level and enemy design.
  • Some degree of writing and correction of english text.
  • Some small 3D work.
  • Localization of the whole game to the Spanish – Spain language.

Release Trailer: