Birth by Sleep Ultimate Mix

Birth by Sleep Ultimate Mix

Birth by Sleep -Ultimate Mix- is an overhaul mod for the PC version of Birth by Sleep Final Mix.
The mods contains a lot of changes, but here’s a summary:

  • Fully rebalanced bosses and enemies for Critical Mode*.
  • Over 30+ musical tracks orchestrated or improved from original concerts or games.**
  • Rebalanced game progression to make better use of previously optional elements.
  • Tweaked game’s physics to feel more weighty and responsive.
  • General improvements and nerfs to several commands and command styles.
  • New bosses added for post-game enjoyment.

* Not rebalanced for LV1 but should work decently.

** Music mod offered separately. Link below and inside the BBSUM zip.


  • The “Continue” feature won’t work on new boss battles. Use the “Load Game” option to load back to your previous save point.
  • Recolored Unversed won’t drop synthesis items. (Use NormalUnversed mod that comes with the package to revert)
  • The status ailment ‘Exhaustion’ (used in some superbosses) can cause a softlock while using a D-Link.


The mod can be obtained through the following link:


Remastered Music

Usage instructions are available within the download link.