BBS Modding Station (PSP)

This is a general tool to modify Birth by Sleep and Birth by Sleep Final Mix for the PSP version.

Although this tool was made for the PSP version of the game, the Editors and other tools might still work with PC version files.

Using this tool requires your game or the BBSX.dat files to be decrypted for proper use.

You can download it through this link.

Interface of the program


  • Ability to extract and reinsert assets at will by replacing them in the extracted folder if the replaced file isn’t larger than the original.
  • Disassemble and assemble back PMP maps.
  • Unpack and pack animation packages (PAM).
  • Extract, reinsert and convert TEX raw textures.
  • Edit text files (CTD) to a small degree.
  • Edit enemy spawn files (OLO).
  • Edit EAD files.
  • Preview event information (EXA).