Here I will be explaining a few of the plans I have for the whole overhaul mod which will be called from now on Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: Ultimate Mix.

More changes and additions could make it in, but I can’t say for sure.


  • Full rebalance of playable character parameters.
  • Full rebalance of all weapons.
  • Full command rebalance.
  • Full rebalance of all bosses and enemies.
  • Rebalanced LV1 stats.
  • Gravity and physics reworked.
  • Improved camera for better gameplay.
  • Cancel windows, iframe count and other parameters adjusted.


  • The game starts with certain abilities by default already obtained.
  • New weapons for every character.
  • New treasure chests around the worlds.
  • Additional musical tracks from the KH series play during boss battles.
  • Orchestrated tracks replace normal musical tracks during certain situations.
  • A new superboss in each world.
  • Destiny Islands as a visitable world.

Here’s an example of what a new boss would be like and how it would be accessed in-game.

A few features are under consideration depending on how possible it is to achieve.

  • Jungle Book world accessible through worldmap.
  • New areas for new superbosses.
  • Changing player cancel windows for normal commands.
  • Realm of darkness accessible for every character.

The mod will start development sometime in 2022 for those who want a concrete answer.

4 thoughts on “Future plans for Birth by Sleep: Ultimate Mix (PC)”
  1. Most of this is excellent. I would make music changes optional.

    Making the Realm of Darkness accessible for every character makes no real sense canonically. Maybe you could add it as a portal on the worldmap AFTER you have a clear game save.

    Default Combo Master(or as an ability if possible) is a good idea, as well as making the attacks track to enemies from further away( a la KH3.) This would go a long way to fixing people’s problems with BbS’s regular attacks. Additionally, style changes should feature a small damage boost, kinda like the KH3 ability Hidden Potential.

    I’d also suggest boosting the HP of most story bosses in the mid to late game, as they really don’t hold a candle to Terra, Ventus and Aqua’s damage capabilities. For example Aqua can beat Captain Gantu in like 30 seconds.

    Additional requests:
    – Destiny Islands as a playable world.
    – More extravagant combos for style changes that are different per character.
    – Some way to choose whether to keep attacking or use the finisher/transform.

    1. Most of the changes you suggest are already included within the bullet points I wrote down.
      Accessing the real of darkness is still under consideration because I’m not sure if what I want is possible yet.
      Thanks for the feedback.

  2. All of this is just so amazing! BbS is one of my favorite KH games and I can’t wait to see how you’ll make the experience even greater!
    Also, do you think it would be possible to make the finishers optional similar to how it is in KH3?

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